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What is Thermage ? 


Thermage is a leading non-invasive skin tightening treatment that uses radio-frequency energy to regenerate and remodel collagen through a natural process for a smooth and toned look.  Approved by US FDA, Thermage addresses all the concern areas like the face, body, and eyes, without using any syringes or surgical procedures. Chosen by 1 million+ people, the procedure requires a single sitting for a result that lasts for a year or even more.

Thermage procedure can help smooth, tighten, and deep contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance without surgery or injections.

  Single Treatment: Generally, some improvement is immediately visible and continues for up to six months.

  Little to no downtime: After treatment, you can quickly get back to your normal routine.

  Color blind:  Unlike lasers, Thermage procedures work on all skin types and colors.

  The year-round procedure: After a Thermage procedure, you do not have to avoid the sun as with laser treatments. Schedule your Thermage procedure in the summer or any time that's right for you!


    Why Thermage

  • Single Treatment

  • Non-invasive and Safe

  • Minimal to no downtime

  • Real Change*

  • Targeted, Effective Treatment*

  • Long-Lasting

  • More than 1 million successful treatments worldwide

Thermage at Monaris

Monaris Skin Clinic is THERMAGE certified clinic with the latest thermage technology. Thermage is considered to be the Gold standard for face neck and eye rejuvenation. Its FDA-approved and safest device inexperienced hands of dermatologists at Monaris. Thermage procedure is a safe, non-invasive treatment that helps smooth, tighten and contour skin anywhere on the body for a naturally younger-looking appearance with no surgery, injections, and little to no downtime.

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